Best Budget Gaming PCs with AMD CPU

Here you can find our top 3 gaming computers equipped with AMD processor. All the selected parts are matched together so you don't need to be worry about compatibility issue. The cheapest PC which is our budget gaming PC can perform many games at reasonable speed. There are many alternative for the parts we have listed here, you can try our part selection guide which gives you the idea of what parts to choose from to build your preferable gaming PC.

Please note that peripherals, accessories and Operating System are not listed in any of these computers.

Top 3 AMD Gaming Computers - July 2015

CPUGraphics CardRAMPerformancePriceMore Details
FX-4300ASUS Radeon R9 270 OC8GB DDR3 1866MHzRanking Budget$491

$500 Gaming PC

FX-6350MSI GTX 960 GAMING 2G8GB DDR3 1866MHzRanking Mid-core$595

$600 Gaming PC

FX-8320XFX RADEON Double D R9 280X8GB DDR3 1866MHzRanking High-end$700

$700 Gaming PC