Best Gaming Sound Cards For Your PC

A sound card in modern computers has minimum affect on performance of your PC, however, it improves the overall sound quality by incorporating better DAC and DSP chipsets. Almost all modern gaming motherboards come with better than average integrated audio chipset that does the job for users having average speaker or headphone, but when it comes to audiophiles and those who want to have the best sound quality and enjoy the advance sound features such as binaural 3D and EAX or to get the best out of their high-end headphones that require more than 600 ohms amp, the integrated audio chipset is not an option, therefore, having a dedicated high-end sound card is essential.

Integrated audio chipsets also picking up interference from other components in the system, although some gaming motherboards use EMI shields around audio circuit to minimize the noise but it is doesn't entirely eliminates it. Internal sound cards are much better but are still susceptible to this type of interference and ground loops which might be a deal breaker for fussiest audiophiles.

Over a decades a go when CPUs had slower frequency, enabling advance audio effects in games could increase CPU utilization and reduce frame rates in games but over the time the motherboard manufacturers incorporated better onboard audio chipsets on their mainboards and processor speed on the other hand increased a lot so having dedicated sound card to increase the game performance is no longer needed.