Best Gaming Mice

A gaming mouse should feel comfortable in your hands, provide customization for buttons and weight, response quicker to clicks and movements and be very accurate. Now, let's explain these features in details.

Comfortable Design:

To see if a gaming mouse feels comfortable in your hands, always look for some features that will increase your playability and comfort. Most gaming mice come with thumb rest and grip to give you comfort and more control over your hand movements. Other features such as shape design, distance between the buttons and good tactile response of the buttons also gives pleasant feeling when using the mouse for long run.


A gaming mouse, must include more buttons than conventional mouse. The extra buttons can be customized in the game menu or through their bundled software to do specific function which will speed up the player's action while playing speed-intensive games. Some gaming mice increased their customization by adding up to 20 programmable buttons (particularly for MMO gaming), however, increase in number of the customizable buttons will compromise the comfort. Another feature that increases personalized feel to a gaming mouse is the ability to adjust the weight and weight balance which can be done by adding small weights to the cartridge provided in some mice.

Accuracy and Response Time:

A good gaming mouse should give the user to shift through the sensitivity settings by dedicated dpi button. Some gaming mice can be adjusted as high as 16,400 dpi to increase the pinpoint accuracy of every single movement. Another important factor that directly affects the accuracy of the mouse is the type of sensor technology used in a mouse. Optical, LED and Laser are three main sensors used in any modern mice. Laser sensors are very accurate and sensitive to any small movements. Also, keep in mind that having a good mouse pad will greatly increase the accuracy of your mouse which is usually overlooked by many game players.