Best Gaming Keyboards

A gaming keyboard must be superior to other conventional keyboards in some ways. Fast response time, ergonomic design, illuminated keys, LCD screen, durability , macro and programmable keys are the main factors that should be take into account when shopping for gaming keyboard. Now, let's have a closer look at these features.

Response Time:

A gaming keyboard is designed to have a fast response time below 2ms. A good gaming keyboard incorporates a fast internal processor and larger memory cache to handle the key inputs as quick as possible.


Usually, mechanical keyboards are constructed to last longer than conventional membrane keyboards, some of the best mechanical keyboards will last up to 70 million key presses per key however, the downside is they are more expensive and usually there is a "click" noise when you push down a key.

Connection Type:

Some people compromise their gaming experiences by purchasing wireless keyboards, these keyboards have low response time and you have to replace the batteries every now and then, so avoid buying wireless keyboards to increase your gaming experiences.

Ergonomic Design:

Usually means how comfortable you feel after long hours of playing a game. Some keyboards come with comfortable wrist rest that reduces the risk wrist injury. The distance between the keys and the hight of the key from the surface of the keyboard, will increase your ability to play games more fluently. Some keyboards come with customizable keys to adjust the hight on each individual keys. The other ergonomic feature on a gaming keyboard is the tactile feedback, the membrane keyboards have usually have a rubber flexing that over the time lose their responsiveness and the key feels very soft, so it's recommended to purchase a mechanical keyboard instead.


You've probably heard a beep sound when pressing multiple keys on your keyboard simultaneously. This happens when your keyboard have limitation to register each key individually on the CPU. having N-key rollover (NKRO) feature on a keyboard, will eliminate the beep sound and limitation on the combination of the keys pressed. To eliminate this limit, you should use the PS/2 port instead of USB because the USB ports have limitation on number of keys pressed simultaneously.

LCD Screen:

The built in LCD screen on some gaming keyboards shows you the game statistics and some other information that might come handy when playing online games. Some gaming keyboards integrate specific dock port to connect to your mobile device and by installing the required app you'll be able to see the game information on your mobile device.