Guide To Build a PC from Scratch - Step 15: How to Install The Operating System

Operating SystemThe operating system (OS) controls almost all functions on a computer. Some popular operating systems included Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, MAC OS X and Linux. Once you have configured the BIOS for the first time, you can continue to install your operating system.

Follow these instructions to install the Operating System:

  • Start the computer by pressing the power button. 
  • Enter the BIOS setup by pressing DEL or other proper key, then get to the Boot section. 
  • Press the proper key (F5 - F6, Pg Up - Pg Down, etc.) to change the first boot priority to CD/DVD Drive (Optical Drive).
  • Insert the Bootable Operating System disc into the DVD drive.
  • Save the BIOS setting by pressing F10 (in most of motherboards) and press Enter.

The computer will start reading the CD/DVD and operating system will start checking computer hardware and copying the files into the hard drive, during installation the computer will reboot couple of times.

Follow the instructions provided by operating system's manufacturer to complete installation.

Once you have finished installation of the operating system try to install the drivers and utilities of the components you assembled then update your operating system online. Try to setup your drivers after installation completed, if you don't know how to advance setup the drivers then leave it by default setting.

Congratulations! Your computer is ready to use.