Guide To Build a PC from Scratch - Step 6: How To Install An SSD/HDD

Hard DriveA hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) have to be installed into 3.5" and 2.5" internal drive bays. If you have enough money we recommend you to purchase a minimum 60GB SSD as a primary disk for operating system installation and a minimum 500GB hard drive as a file storage. This way you can reduce the boot time to 30 second and less.

Solid State Drive

Follow these steps for Hard Drive and SSD installation:

  • Insert the HDD/SSD into the 3.5" (for HDD) / 2.5" (for SSD) internal drive bay.
  • Align the holes in the hard drive/SSD with the holes in the case and tighten the screws or mount the brackets on the hard drive/SSD and insert the drive into the 3.5"/2.5" internal drive bay.
  • Connect the 7-pin data cable into the SATA socket on the motherboard and then plug the other end into the hard drive/SSD.
  • Connect the 15-pin power cable into the drive.

HDD Installed