Guide To Build a PC from Scratch - Step 7: How To Install A Blu-ray/DVD Drive

DVD DriveOptical Drive is installed into external 5.25 inch drive bay which is accessible from the front side of the case. An optical drive is a storage device that reads and writes information to CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays.

For IDE drives, Usually a Molex power cable provides the optical drive with power and a PATA (Paralell ATA) data cable connects the optical drive to the motherboard.

Foe SATA drives, a 15-pin cable provides power to the drive and a 7-pin  cables transfers the data between drive and motherboard.

DVD Drive Installed

Follow these steps for DVD drive installation:

  • Remove the external drive bay's cover located in front panel of the case.
  • Position the optical drive so that it aligns with the 5.25-inch drive bay.
  • Insert the optical drive into the drive bay so that the optical drive screw holes align with the screw holes in the case.
  • Secure the optical drive to the case using the proper screws.
  • Connect the right data cable and power cable to optical drive with IDE or SATA interface.