How To Select a Good Motherboard For Your Computer

The motherboard is such a crucial component to your gaming computer. You should consider all important features before buying a motherboard for your gaming computer to you, and buy the best motherboard you can afford.

When selecting the new motherboard for your gaming system there are various factors you should take into account to ensure that you choose the best motherboard for your needs.

The most important factors in selecting a good motherboard are:

Form Factor:

The form factor of a motherboard determines the physical layout of the board like shape and size and other specifications included type of case and power supply will be supported. If you build your own computer systems you need to ensure that you purchase the correct case that fit the motherboard.

Processor Support:

You must select a motherboard that supports the socket type, speed and architecture of the processor.

RAM Support:

Make sure that the motherboard you select supports the type and amount of the RAM you are going to buy. Some motherboards have more expansion slots for RAM.


The chipset indicates the features that a motherboard can support. There are two types of chipset in a motherboard, North-bridge and South-bridge chipset. North Bridge chipset controls the connection and speed between processor, video graphics card and RAM. South bridge chipset controls peripheral and internal devices.

Expansion Slots and Ports:

Try to choose a motherboard with more expansion slots for you future upgrade. Most of the new motherboards support various types of expansion slots such as PCI-e 2.0/3.0 (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16) or older PCI slot, FireWire and USB 3.0 ports to connect your peripheral devices and other expansion slots.

On-Board Features:

Integrated audio, video or RAID controller (to set multiple hard drive in different configuration), wireless LAN and overclocking capability are some of the features that should take into consideration. If you are going to build a custom gaming pc then on-board video card doesn't match your gaming requirements so you should buy a good gaming video card instead.


The price* of motherboard depends on many factors, such as size, included bundle (i.e cables, anti-virus software, DVD burning software, video games, audio or WLAN card), type of chipset, capacitors, and integrated circuits, number of expansion slots and ports, etc.

* Even if you are on a budget, the motherboard is not a place to cut corners.