How To Select a Good Gaming Mouse For Your Computer

Selecting the best gaming mouse isn't easy these days! There are many different computer mice to choose from, each offering loads of features. The problem is that a mouse that looks great for one person isn't necessarily that good for another. So which should you choose?

Some important factors in selecting a good gaming mouse are as follow:

Sensitivity of Sensor:

Computer mice generally have two different sensor type; Optical Sensor and Laser Sensor. Optical and laser mice operate in similar ways, they emit signals and process the reflection of these signals to determine the movement of the mice. Laser mouse is more sensitive that than optical mouse, however, optical mouse is more common than laser mouse.

You can adjust the sensitivity of your mouse in control panel setting or when playing games through mouse setting option. Every mouse has a different sensitivity, the sensitivity of a mouse sensor commonly measured in DPI (Dots Per Inch). The higher the DPI of the sensor the less physical distance you need to move your mouse of the mouse will be.


Many professional gamers choose a good quality mouse-pad to ensure the mouse works accurate.

Wireless Technology and Battery life:

Having a wireless mouse can be more convenient than a corded one, but their reliance on radio waves to transmit the signal to the receiver causes delay (or lag) to the cursor response. Modern wireless mice are almost lag free, however, if you really want the absolute fastest response then you should stick to a corded mouse. If you are going to buy a wireless mouse then consider the life and weight of the battery of your mouse.

Left Handed or Right Handed:

If you are a left-handed gamer then your choices are unfortunately limited as it would appear that the manufacturers don't see enough ergonomic mouse models for left-handed gamers.

Claw or Palm Grip:

There are generally two methods of holding a mouse. The first is the claw grip, where the mouse is held by the tips of the fingers and is (almost) lifted across the surface of the mouse-pad. The second is the palm grip, where the palm of the hand rests on the top of the mouse and pushes it along the mouse-pad, and is more suited to large mice.

Extra Gaming Keys:

A good gaming mouse should have extra programmable keys for gamers who tend to play complex games.