How To Select a Good BD/DVD Drive For Your Computer

Optical Drive also known as CD/DVD Drive is a device that encode burns data into a blank disc using laser beam. CD/DVD burners come in two different forms, internal or external. DVD burners support different range of DVD formats such as DVD±R, DVD±RW, DVD±R DL and DVD-RAM and The new Blu-ray technology (BD). The DVD storage capacity ranging from 4.7 GB to 8.5 GB for single and dual-layer DVDs and 25GB to 128GB for Blu-ray discs.

When choosing the DVD burner you need to consider the following features:

Drive Accuracy:

The ability of optical drive to burn information onto a disc without errors.

Read/Write Speed:

The drive speed to read from and write onto a disc called drive speed. The speed of a drive expressed by X factor. X factor is based on the original 1X DVD recording speed. The higher the X factor the faster the drive can read and write, e.g. 12x write speed is faster than 8x write speed. When burning a disc try not to use maximum burn speed of your drive because burning errors will occur on higher writing speed.

Average Access Time:

The Access Time depends on Rotational Latency and Seek Time of the optical drive. Rotational Latency is related to rotational speed of the drive, faster rotational provides lower latency. Seek Time is the time the optical head needs to position itself on the track.

3D Playback:

If you have a 3D monitor and you'd also enjoy watching 3D movies on your computer then make sure you select the Blu-ray drive that support 3D playback.