How To Select a Good Gaming CPU For Your Computer

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) sometimes referred to processor, described as the brains of a computer. Selecting the best gaming CPU for gaming can be a confusing task. Buying the latest, fastest or most expensive processor on the market is not a best solution for people who want to have the best bang for the buck gaming CPU, if you know how to overclock your processor, you will gain amazing performance from your mid-end CPU.

If you wish to play the latest 3D games with good performance, you'll need to invest in a capable CPU. Currently, the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors are the most popular processors for gaming purposes. They generally out-perform the AMD processors in most games. If you need a budget-line processor then AMD Phenom II X4 processors are an excellent choice.

Intel and AMD are the main CPU Manufacturers.

The following factors greatly affect the performance of CPU:

Clock Speed:

Commonly referred to CPU frequency measured in MHz or GHz is the number of cycle per second that a CPU can perform. The CPU manufacturers charge premium prices for the CPUs that operate at higher clock speed.


The bandwidth determines how much information can be processed by processor. Almost all new processors support 64-bit bandwidth which is much higher than 32-bit processors.

Front Side Bus (FSB) Speed:

The speed of transferring data between CPU and system memory and north bridge chipset.

CPU Cache:

The CPU cache is a small and fast set of memory that reduces the average access time of CPU to main memory. The cache stores copies of data from main memory, when the processor needs to read from or write to a location in main memory, it first checks whether a copy of that data is in the cache. If so, the processor immediately reads from or writes to the cache, which is much faster than reading from or writing to main memory.

Operating Temperature:

High temperature causes errors in CPU function, so to have a better performance, especially when you overclock the CPU you must use a good CPU cooler.

Instruction Set:

Instruction set is a processor code that tells the processor how to execute.

Number of Cores:

The more the number of cores the better the performance of the processor will be. Today's Multi-core desktop processors have 4-6 cores and their performance is amazing, however, some applications and games can't benefit from all cores.


Multithreading means the CPU is capable of executing multiple tasks simultaneously. Threads can add substantial performance improvements to certain types of applications.